Granulometry is another name for sieve/soil analysis, and no one does it better than Franklin Geotechnical LTD., a Canadian firm with over 40 years of experience in geotechnical engineering and soils analysis.

We are Dr. John Franklin, P.Eng., CPGS, Dr. Massoud Palassi, P.Eng. and William Haight, soils technician. With our fast turn-around time for your percolation rate needs, we can guarantee that you will have your analysis done quickly and efficiently. Our company was founded in 1980 by John Franklin, PhD, P. Eng., CPGS, a professional rock mechanic and soils engineer with 40 years experience, and having written more than 100 journal articles, along with two college textbooks.

With the addition of Will to our staff, we now have the ability to generate Granulometry (“sieve analysis” or “grain size distribution”) results in an extremely efficient manner and hope that you will consider us to perform your sieve analysis needs. We assess both washed and dry sieve analyses to determine your soil type and accompanying percolation rate. Reliance is placed on the use of sieve analysis as a screening method to differentiate soils that are predominately non-plastic (sands and gravels) from those that are mainly cohesive (silts and clays).

If your company requires T-time percolation rates for septic beds, we can guarantee a 72-hour turnaround on most samples. If you have an emergency situation and require analysis immediately, we also have a 24-hour expedited service.

The cost for our regular sieve analysis (with estimation of percolation rate) is $200, although we do have contractor pricing at $175 (license and/or business card must be provided). If you need immediate results, an expedited 24-hour service is $250 for individual homeowners, or $215 for contractors. A discount is available for long-term clients and for orders comprising four or more specimens.

Soil samples may be mailed, couriered, or dropped off at our soils laboratory located at 307162 Hockley Road, Orangeville, Ontario, L9W 2Y8. You may phone us for mailing instructions or instructions on how to obtain your soil sample. We assure you of our utmost dedication to your soil sampling needs, and hope to be of service to you in the future. Please call us if you need further assistance or to discuss our sieve analysis program.



Address: The Stream, R.R. #1, Orangeville, Ontario, Canada L9W 2Y8

Tel: (519)941-3392 • Fax: (519)941-5710

This site is currently under construction, and will be expanded in the near future. If you have any other questions of comments, please conact us using the form below, or email us directly.

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